Problems Of Education In Pakistan Essay

Capitalize the first letter of the first word of each heading.Make your outline as simple as possible, avoiding overly complex divisions of ideas.No matter how many body paragraphs your essay has — three, four, five, or even more — each paragraph should introduce and develop an idea that supports the essay’s thesis.Each paragraph’s topic sentence should express one of these supporting points.You cannot have a 1 without a 2 or an A without a B. The introduction of your essay, usually one paragraph (200-400 words) and rarely more than two, introduces your subject, creates interest, and often states your thesis. This approach works well when you know the audience is already interested in your topic and you can come directly to the point. .” This type of introduction is overused and trite. To do so, each body paragraph should be unified, coherent, and well developed.

However,this pattern and method has been taught by Col.Second, you can use pronouns to refer to key nouns in previous sentences.Finally, you can use transitions, words or expressions that show chronological sequence, cause and effect, and so on.Muzzaffar, ex-FPSC examiner and,most importantly,the text books we studied in English literature and linguistics specialization were based on Oxford syllabus.Initially, make rough outline and keep updating it as you proceed.You can introduce an essay with your own original definition of a relevant term or concept where the meaning of a specific term is crucial. Never use phrases such as “in my opinion” or “I may not be an expert, but. A paragraph is unified when each sentence relates directly to the main idea of the paragraph.You can begin your essay with an anecdote or story that leads readers to your thesis. If it arouses interest, it can encourage your audience to read further. You can open your essay with an idea that most people believe is true and then get readers’ attention by showing that it is inaccurate or ill advised. Frequently, the main idea of a paragraph is stated in a topic sentence.If a paragraph is not adequately developed, readers will feel they have been given only a partial picture of the subject. Body paragraphs should clearly relate to your essay’s thesis.Irrelevant material — material that does not pertain to the thesis — should be deleted. Body paragraphs should contain support that is specific, not general or vague.Since readers remember best what they read last, your conclusion is very important.Always end your essay in a way that reinforces your thesis and your purpose.

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