Problem Solving Workshops

Another aspect to keep in mind when engaging in problem solving games and activities: There are no winners or losers.

Sure, some games might end with a single winner, but the true goal of these exercises is to learn how to work together as a team to develop an agile mindset.

Train your team’s decision making muscle and they will become more adept at problem solving. Each team gets an egg and must select from the construction materials. Give everyone 20-30 minutes to construct a carrier for the egg and protect it from breaking. Helps with: Communication, Decision Making Why communication is important for problem solving: More employees work remotely than ever before.

Good communication skills are vital to solving problems across increasingly virtual teams.

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Give your team 30 minutes to decide on 10 items in the office they need for survival and rank them in order of importance. However, only one member from each group may look at the original structure.

The winning team of each game should share their strategies and thought process at the end of the exercise to help everyone learn.

Here’s a list of fun problem solving activity examples to try with your team.

A company or team’s success weighs heavily on the willingness of managers to help employees improve their problem solving abilities.

Team building activities targeting focus areas like communication and collaboration, adaptability, or strengthening decision-making techniques help.

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