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He believed many leaders tried to make the war fit the process, rather than making the process fit the war, and we as a military were consequently becoming less adaptable.

As they often do, many leaders began to worry more about the metrics and less about the mission.

A paper with a more detailed description of a PSG was presented at a meeting of the British Computer Society at the University of Northampton.

Watch, read or both: the following is a transcription of the video above.

Getting your team to help solve problems together tends to yield better solutions and greater buy-in when it comes to implementing those solutions.

In some of our leadership modules, we have used a survival simulation where leaders can experience, in real time, the pitfalls that impact the decisions teams make.

Between the two, the problem-centric leader has the best chance of creating competitive advantage when he or she instills a problem-solving culture throughout their organization.

Process-centric leaders, however, are far more in number. Anthony Zinni warned the military was entering an age of .

The Problem Manager has a role to play in making sure that the correct number and level of resources is available in the team and for escalation and communication up the management chain of all organizations concerned.

The rational, logical part of solving the problem and the interpersonal dynamic at play within the team.

If the rational side of the problem solving isn’t done, the solution itself won’t be effective.

While useful, he realizes the dashboard doesn’t tell the full story of what’s actually happening and why.

Many of his peers, however, make snap decisions using the dashboard data alone rather than using the technology to facilitate discussions with employees.

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