Problem Solving Strategies For Math Word Problems

Do you know a child who needs help with math word problems?Some children need to be taught specific strategies that they can use to solve the problem.Once your child seems to really understand the problem, have him/her explain it back to you or teach it to you.

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Drawing a picture of the problem gives children a way to see what the problem is actually asking.

Many times children have trouble solving word problems because they do not know which operation ( , -, X, ÷) to use and they do not truly understand what the question is asking.

When trying to figure out the correct operation, it is important to pay attention to keywords (clues to what the problem is asking you to do) and relevant information.

If they have difficulty finding the keywords, relevant information, or drawing the pictures, guide them through the process, giving them as much assistance as necessary.

As their ability to use this strategy improves, gradually fade out your guidance.

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