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This is when your child will try and try again to get that ball he really wants that is out of his reach. At this age, if your little one is holding an object or toy in each of her hands, she may drop one of them to pick up a new object without even thinking about it.

She isn’t yet purposefully trying to think of a way to hold all three, which is why she will drop one toy to get the new one.

So, what will your baby’s creative problem solving abilities look like?

Take a look at two examples of problem solving life skills activities: Cognitive development is your child’s ability to communicate, think, and problem solve.

Now, when your child sees his favorite toy resting on a towel or sheet out of reach, he will simply purposely pull the towel or sheet with the toy on it closer to him.

Observe this milestone on your child by simply placing a toy on a towel on the floor and see what your child does.

Your child will use a specific problem solving approach to achieve this.

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So, you may see your child pull at a shoestring to get her shoe or the strap of a diaper bag to get her bottle or sippy cup.By allowing your baby the time and space to figure things out for himself, you help him build confidence and grow his ability to problem solve.We at ADAM & Mila wish to provide practical and easy to apply ideas for fun and educational activities.As your child grows, his or her brain is growing as well.As your child’s cognitive skills become more developed, the more he or she will begin to explore their world and test things in his or her environment.We will explore problem solving skills, milestones and creative problem solving examples for kids that you will have fun trying with your little one. Problem solving is a skill set used by your baby that incorporates his or her ability to perceive, think, and gain understanding about his or her world; including remembering and decision-making.All of these problem solving skills are also known as cognitive skills.Now that she has mastered pulling horizontally at a string or strap of an object to bring it closer to her, she will begin to pull at strings or straps that are hanging to pull an object up to her.For example, she may pull a string or plastic chain link of a toy dangling from her high chair.At about 5 months old, your child will begin to purposely reach for second objects while still holding on to the first one.For example, while holding one toy in his hands, he may use his other hand to reach for a second toy.

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