Problem Solving Kindergarten

Factor Investigation challenges students to list all factors of the numbers 1-25 and identify the numbers as abundant, deficient, perfect, prime.  Students can refer to this list when playing Factor Blaster or Factor Game.Open-ended Math Problems from the Franklin Institute Online offers monthly problems in Number Theory; Geometry; Measurement; Patterns, Algebra & Functions; Data, Statistics & Probability.  The site offers three different levels of difficulty for each strand.

Name That Number - 2 is designed to measure student understanding of place value as it is used in the Everyday Math Game of the same name.

The Million Dollar Mission asks students to decide which salary is the better offer for one month's work: one million dollars or one cent on the first day, two cents on the second day, four cents on the third day, etc.

Kindergarten is an ideal time to introduce and explore age-appropriate engineering challenges that tap into young learners' blooming cognitive, social, motor, and language skills.

As learners work through the challenges in Ei E for Kindergarten, they discover that there is no one right answer.

They learn to think critically and creatively as they develop new problem-solving strategies.

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