Problem Solving Decision Making Activities

While keeping all the benefits the participants feel from ownership of the day itself.

Customer Journey Mapping is a highly effective change management activity that helps you and your group reach a shared understanding on the key events, touch points, and activities that your customers receive.

This process will help you and your team run effective meetings every time.

It helps your group reach a common understanding on what factors influence nightmare, good and brilliant meetings.

All the Problem Solving Activities on this page help you and your group collaboratively tackle seemingly impossible issues.

The World Cafe is a 20 year old workshop activity that draws on 7 design principles to create a simple, effective, and flexible format for hosting large group discussions for between 12 to 200 participants.Barriers and Beliefs should be dealt with in different ways. Problem Solving Team Building (PSTB for short) is a 30-45 minute activity where the problem ‘owner’ will, with the help of their team, go through a structured process of brainstorming, issue analysis, and action planning to achieve a plausible solution to their issue.Use this activity to categorise them as one or the other then it’s much easier for your group to create an implementation or remediation plan. Team Roles & Responsibilities is an activity using a simple template to document roles and responsibilities of those involved in a project.Otherwise you may stop things that you shouldn't or spend time, energy and money on stuff that you really should be avoiding at all costs.A great activity to run with your team to achieve this is a SWOT Analysis.The Relationship Triangle is a high-impact facilitated discussion that shows how critically important personal relationships are within the team before they can consistently achieve the results they desire.If you’re looking for team building activities this is a great one as most people believe their relationship within a team is stronger than it often is.This is a suite of creative problem solving tools from Erik op ten Berg - an expert in creative thinking from the Netherlands.His creative problem solving process takes a challenge and finds ideas that are new, useful and meaningful.I guarantee you these activities will help you mobilise your group’s creative thinking skills.According to one study you’re going to waste 31 hours in unproductive meetings this month.

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