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In these unscripted videos, watch how other candidates handle tough questions and how the interviewer thinks about their performance.

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We agree that behavioral questions tend to be more effective and most hiring companies ask behavioral questions these days, so make sure that you prepare to answer them (Read: Behavioral Interview Tips).

Gareth Mc Leod, a software engineer who worked at Facebook and has interviewed with a “who’s who of Silicon Valley companies,” says Google is not alone.

You can try making up your own questions, or have a friend make up a few, and go to town on them.

Case interviews are more in-depth, but are very similar.

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These include tough technical questions, questions about your values, questions about failures or weaknesses, and others.

I don’t actually know how tall the Empire State Building is, but I can give you a sample of how I might figure this out.

“I’ll assume that your average quarter is about 1 inch tall.

Do act intrigued by the question (even if you’re not). Do puzzle your way to an answer, even if you know it’s probably wrong. Let the interviewer know how you are going to try to get to your best answer.

Show that you are willing to engage in an off-beat exercise. Do ask clarifying questions of the interviewer if you need more information to get to the answer.

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