Problem Solving Activities Teens Assignment In

Then have the class as a group figure out the ideal way the student can address the issue and hopefully solve it.

This fun detective game encourages problem-solving, critical thinking and cognitive development.

Label the box “The Problem-Solving Box.” Invite students to anonymously write down and submit any problem or issue they might be having at school or at home, ones that they can’t seem to figure out on their own.

Once or twice a week, have a student draw one of the items from the box and read it aloud.

An example might be getting stranded on an island, knowing that help will not arrive for three days.

There is real value in being able to recognize potential problems.

Have your kid pause and consider: “Are there any ways you can think this might go badly.” “Do you have any ideas about how we might do this better somehow? ” “Why didn’t this happen the way it was supposed to? ” (These are not the same as Why can’t I” questions.

This is one in a series of columns devoted to identifying core competencies that will help your kid be successful in this 21 century skills followed by a discussion of the parenting techniques that would be ideally suited for fostering these skills in teens.

The focus of this column will be on how parents can help their teens develop better problem solving skills.

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