Pro Choice Research Paper

The abortion debate has existed for decades and despite the counter arguments presented by pro-life advocates, the pro-choice side of the debate has made the most obvious legal headway.

This is not because abortion advocates have any stronger lobbying power with legislators than do pro-life advocates.

“Pro-choice Abortion” Abortion has been one of the biggest controversies of all time.

Therefore pro-choice activists believe that a woman should have the right to choose whether she wishes to be pregnant or not.Pro-life also supports the idea that every child has a right to live, even if the mother is not financially able to support the child and the child would struggle everyday along with their mother.These children would be underprivileged and could potentially die from the circumstances they’ve be forced to live in.Even though many people practice pro-life because of their religion, it may be surprising to learn that catholic women are 29% more likely to get an abortion than Protestant women, though they are as likely as all women to do so.So even these pro-life supporters sometimes find the circumstances where abortion is necessary.Pro-life supporters do not see the situations, reasons, and benefits from abortions.They are ignorant to the reason why many women choose to make the decision they do.Unfortunately for those that support the pro-choice side of the argument, it seems that pro-life current has the upper hand.The words used by pro-lifers call to mind powerful images of living humans while those used by pro-choice proponents form no clear pictures in readers’ minds and therefore objectify what pro-life proponents hope to humanize.This proves that life is too situational to say whether or not abortion should be illegal.About 14,000 women get abortions fallowing incest or rape and it is estimated that 43% of women worldwide will have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old.

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