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I'm sure there are 100's of personal statements completely different to mine who all got offers so you don't have to use this religiously!

what ever works best for you, best of luck I used nearly the exact same format (without google) as the one above for my PG application - but after writing it I thought you can't really go wrong as long as the content of your PS is convincing (shows what skills you have and where you got them from, why you are passionate about a subject including areas you've studied in detail and done well in, why you're interested in the sector, career plans..

In (but not all) cases, you’ll apply directly to the university for a Masters rather than through a centralised system like UCAS.

This means you can tailor each personal statement to the institution and programme in question (rather than submitting a single personal statement for five courses, like at undergraduate level in the UK).

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at the company, learning a great deal about the importance of clear, compelling language.

I’ve honed the communication skills I developed at university and feel well-equipped to continue my studies at North Haverbrook University.

Some universities will have more specific requirements, however – for example, they might ask you to submit your personal statement via a form on their website with a character limit If there are any significant gaps in your education or employment, you should offer a brief explanation of those extenuating situations (for example, illness or a gap year).

Demonstrate how and why you are invested in your subject.Don’t make the mistake of using your undergraduate personal statement as a template for your Masters application.A Masters is a big step up from your undergraduate degree, and the admissions tutor will be looking for evidence that you’ve developed academically since then.Pay attention to what makes this particular Masters unique and refer to this in your statement.How you write your personal statement is just as important as the content; a clear, structured statement is proof of your ability to communicate effectively.This page provides some practical tips on writing a successful personal statement for a Masters application, from the typical structure to avoidable mistakes.If you’re applying for a Masters, it’s likely that you’ve already written a personal statement for a Bachelors degree and will have a good idea of how one works.etc), it flows well, avoids cliched statements, doesn't repeat itself and is free from any error.A good personal statement can mean the difference between getting an offer and being rejected.Once you’ve found the perfect Masters programme, the next step is to begin the application process.You’ll usually have to write a postgraduate personal statement that highlights your strengths, skills and experience, giving you the perfect opportunity to sell yourself and to show the admissions tutor that you’ll thrive at their university.

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