Populism Vs Elitism Essay

Müller pursues the point only by asserting repeatedly that neoliberalism is responsible for the grievances fueling right-wing populism in Europe.

He insists, however, that the grievances themselves are prompted less by personally experienced difficulties than by populists’ negative “general assessment[s] of the situation[s]” of their countries.

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If she could have denied that she was the candidate of Democratic party elites without being laughed off the stage, surely she would have.

Müller’s sole basis for indicting Trumpian populism as anti-pluralist is Trump’s remark on May 7, 2016, that “the only important thing is the unification of the people—because the other people don’t mean anything.” [, the “other people” who didn’t mean anything to Trump weren’t marginalized ethnic groups, Democrats, or Republican voters who opposed Trump, as would be true if his remark was meant to be anti-pluralist.

The other people who didn’t mean anything to Trump were Republican leaders such as Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, who at that point in the campaign still (bravely) refused to endorse Trump.

That’s exactly what Trump portrays himself as wanting to do.

As he said before a joint session of Congress, “ (2016), underscores the fact that populism is sociotropic.

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