Pope Essay On Criticism

But being imperfect, we nevertheless are suitable for this ideal system.Section 3 describes another important issue – that the happiest is a person who is completely ignorant of his or her future.God is superior to everything and everyone mentioned above.The same situation is in the gradation of flair – instinct – thought – reflection – reason. The Great chain of things is perfect, and each organism is vital for its existence.However, this is impossible, since a person does not exist by itself, but only as part of a larger whole, which is outside the reach of any living being.It leads to the conclusion that we cannot go against the law of God.At the bottom of the chain is earth and minerals followed by various plants and animals. Then go the subgroup of domestic animals are and after them – birds, fish, and insects.A human is above all of them, but inferior to angels.

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Candide’s author considered it to be the most elevated didactic poem that has ever been written in any language.

If any of spices dies out, it leads to fatal consequences on the whole system.

If the established order of subordination is changed, the destruction is inevitable since everything has its most suitable place.

Since the most ancient times, a man was interested in his place in this world.

His understanding of the world changed, and the boundaries of the subjective world expanded.

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