Police Corruption Essays

Methodology: Corruption within police departments falls into 2 basic categories, which are external corruption and internal corruption.

In this report I will concentrate only on external corruption because it has been the larger center of attention recently.

For a corrupt act to occure, three distinct elements of police corruption must be present simultaneously: 1) missuse of authority, 2) missuse of official capacity, and 3) missuse of personal attainment.

(Dantzker, 1995: p 157) It can be said that power inevitably tends to corrupt, and it is yet to be recongnized that, while there is no reason to suppose that policemen as individuals are any less fallible than other members of society, people are often shocked and outraged when policemen are exposed violating the law. There diviance elicits a special feeling of betrayal.

The books were filled with useful insite but were not update enough, so I relied on the newspaper articles to provide me with the current, and regional information that was needed tp complete this report.

Thanks to all those police/action/drama TV series like CSI and Law & Order for example, we gained a certain amount of awe towards them from our early age already.

My definitional infornmation and background data came from various books cited that have been written on the issue of police corruption.

Those books helped me create a basis of just what the different types of corruption and deviances are, as well as how and why corruption happens.

Let me put it in the more vivid scenario and ask: how would you feel if you knew that a member of your family had a car accident caused by my friend just because that police officer let him drive?

By definition, police corruption is using the authority and public power in order to receive personal gain.

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