Poisonwood Bible Rachel Essay

Orleanna Price is certain that Leah knows how to take care of herself.

Leah is the stronger of a set of twins, and a tomboy on top of that.

For this transformation, she had to eliminate her old way of thinking, so she could be open to new ways.

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Coming from Bethlehem, Georgia, she, like the other members of her family, at first believed all Africans to be heathen savages.

He didn’t look at me, of course, for he had so much on his mind, as ever.

We’d worked so hard for God’s favor, yet it seemed God was still waiting for something extra, and it was up to my father to figure out what.” (77)Throughout the novel, Leah stands by Nathan, following him around and devoting her attention to him, even though her need for acceptance is never acknowledged or fulfilled.

Although it had crossed her mind, she never fully realized until then that her father was capable of being wrong- both in his way of thinking and in the way he treated his family.

This realization marks a huge turning point in Leah’s life, where instead of admiration and awe, Leah’s feelings turn into anger towards Nathan.

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