Poetry Comparison Essay Plan Math Homework For Kids

In both poems the message of the importance of identity is developed as the poems progress.

This sense of progression is most apparent in ‘Search for my tongue’ through the use of English-Gujerah-English. It begins with a light hearted tone, “standing on one leg”, which suggests that if he is half-caste then he is only half a person. However, this tone is replaces through the argument on the last three lines, “de other half of my story”.

In ‘Search for my tongue’ the poet uses an extended metaphor for her tongue, “two tongues in your mouth” suggests the physical organ while “foreign tongue” could have been used to suggest the language we speak.

By using both meaning a once Bhatt may be trying to express not only her fear that she has lost her previous language but that she has also lost her culture.

However, the essay plan can be more difficult to use on some questions and therefore should be manipulated to suit.

An example of a less suitable question to use the essay plan for is: 1.

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For example Agard’s ‘Half Caste’ uses non-standard English, for example “Explain yuself”.This could have been used to suggest that we must give people our full attention and respect if we are to deserve to hear the whole ‘Story’.This change in tone is also supported by the last three lines breaking off from the rest of the poem to act as an almost conclusion to the poem.It’s use of _______________ could suggest _______________ This is an effective technique because _______________ This has a _______________ effect on the reader and (creates/adds to) a _______________tone.This (is similar/contrasts with) ‘…poem…’ which uses _______________ This has a (similar/different) effect on the reader and could suggest _______________ In my opinion ‘_poem_’ is more effective because it_______________ Both poets have used a range of poetic and lingual devices to great effect.How is identity important in ‘Search for my tongue’? (27 marks) The poems ‘Half Caste’ by John Agard and ‘Search for my tongue’ by Sujata Bhatt main purpose is to entertain the reader.However, both poems both explore a much deeper theme of how identity is important when two cultures come together.Compare the ways the poets use the titles in this and one other poem. Here you would explain how the title of ‘Nothing’s Changed’ and another poem are important, describe how the layout contributes to the idea that nothing has changed and how the poet has crafted the language to suit this purpose as well.As you can see the essay plan is nothing more than a general outline but what it does do is it help to ensure you include all of the criteria required to get an A*.The irregular spelling may have been used to reflect Agard’s culture and to aid the pronunciation.This irregularity is also present in a lack of a formal rhyme scheme or metre. The importance of her identity is expressed by using English-Gujerah-English.

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