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But it also guarantees that every United States citizen will be granted the same protection under the law, the 14th amendment makes every one in the US equal before the law.

Although the 14th amendment guarantees those rights, the 10th amendment gives the right to decide on anything that is not covered in the constitution.

Although there were only a few people involved in the actual case, in reality, it affected the entire south, black and white.

The people directly associated with the case were, a group of black citizens, Homer Plessy, East Louisiana Railroad Company, Albion Tourgee, John Ferguson, Henry Brown, and John Harlan.

Boyce 1 On June 7, 1892 Homer Pessy was arrested due to his, and a group of black citizens want to test the constitutionality of the “Separate Car Act”.

This case truly wasn’t about the separate car act, it was about segregation.He also assumes that both races have to like the other race in order for social equality, and the accepting of each other.But if one doesn’t like another they never have to be around them.After losing in Ferguson’s court, and the Louisiana state Supreme Court, he went to the Supreme Court of the United States.The fact that this case was a test to try the Louisiana law proves that this was not simply about the Separate Car Act.The black citizens, East Louisiana Railroad Company, Homer Plessy, Albion Tourgee, and John Harlan worked together to over rule the law.John Ferguson and Henry Brown worked together to try and save the Louisiana law.In Henry Brown’s majority opinion he states that political equality has been met, but social equality will never be met.Yet that is untrue, because social equality has been met today, and it seems to be working just fine.It was more simply a test Boyce 2 of the states ability to have state-wide required segregation.Even though it took more than 50 years for people to realize it, the “Separate but Equal” clause was disobeying the 14th amendment ever since it was created.

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