Plastic Boon Or Curse Essay Physical Therapy Research Paper

The backbone of the chain is the part that function as a linking of a big number of repeating units.

But what gives the plastic its qualities are the molecular groups that connect the backbone.

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All of this cost a lot of money because finding alternatives require a lot of researches and studies which is expensive either..We have many solutions for this problem such as recycling and we introduce the step of recycling and the effect of recycling . Introduction almost certainly you will see plastic. All this question we will answer it in this part of report.Our homes, offices, schools, hospitals, factories -indeed, our entire surroundings – are dominated by products made from this material. In addition, we will tell you about chemical structure for plastic to know “why it does not Degrad?This set of polymer properties of repeating molecular structure units allowed plastic to be an important part of the twenty first century.Plastics are organic liquids which dissolve in big qualities into solid polymers.Nevertheless, the plastic technology was developed which let the plastics to be very useful and reliable as a material to design product.The plastic characterized by its light-weight , the possibility to colored when manufacturing.As the technology for their production increases, even more products will enter the “plastic age”.The major chemicals that go into the making of plastic are highly toxic and pose serious threat to living beings of all species on earth .Plastic is the general common term for a wide range of synthetic or semi synthetic organic solid materials suitable for the manufacture of industrial products.Millions of plastic products are manufactured each year throughout the world.

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