Plant Tissue Culture Research Papers

using two different techniques might produce two different interpretations of the results.Selection of the appropriate technique to use for a particular experiment depends upon the nature of the treatments and the objectives of the research.Many researchers set up an experiment, make measurements, do an analysis of variance, calculate the mean response for each treatment, and then try to decide if the treatment means are significantly different and why.Much too frequently, Duncan's multiple range test is used to test differences among means.

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Some researchers are unaware of the different techniques and that the interpretation of the results of an experiment is strongly influenced by the technique used i.e.

recommended by its referees in all areas of experimental plant biology with emphasis in the broad areas of genomics, proteomics, biochemistry (including enzymology), physiology, cell biology, development, genetics, functional plant breeding, systems biology and the interaction of plants with the environment.

Manuscripts for full consideration should be written concisely and essentially as a final report.

The composition of a culture medium has often been modified to stimulate the growth of particular plant material.

In general, plant tissue culture medium composed of inorganic nutrients, organic supplements, carbon source, plant growth regulators and a solidifying agent. Role of silicon in enhancing the resistance of plants to biotic and abiotic stresses.

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