Pitbull Should Not Be Banned Essay

In the hands of a bad owner, any dog can be dangerous.

Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is any piece of legislation that would regulate the ownership of any particular breed of dog differently from other breeds.

This type of legislation is most commonly targeted at pit bulls and other large, powerful breeds such as Rottweilers.

One common theme in this type of legislation is to designate these breeds as “dangerous dogs” or “potentially vicious dogs.” Other than that, specific terms of the legislation can take a number of forms, including: Even legislation that appears in media headlines as a “pit bull ban” may in fact be more complicated than it sounds.

500 (1989).) These ordinances are attacked primarily on two grounds.

After all, pit bulls aren't the only dogs that injure people. The most basic problem with breed-specific laws, however, is that they ignore the fact that dogs are individuals. Before they took center stage, German shepherds and Dobermans were characterized in the same way: vicious, unpredictable canine time-bombs.

Banning a breed is easy—but may give "a false sense of accomplishment," according to the report of a task force of the American Veterinary Medical Association. For information on breed-specific laws and litigation, check the website of the American Dog Owners' Association.

by Vicki Hearne (Harper Collins), is the story of a dog branded vicious and ordered destroyed by the State of Connecticut—and how the dog became the author's valued companion.

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Compared to other states, North Carolina has seen relatively little BSL actually passed. To be constitutional, a law must be specific enough to give dog owners fair warning about what kinds of dogs are illegal. There is no one pit-bull breed and no reliable way of identifying a dog as one of the pit-bull breeds. First, opponents claim the laws are unconstitutionally vague because they don't define "pit bull" sufficiently.It’s illegal to import certain types of dog into Jersey.We will seize a dog if it displays characteristics represented by those on the banned list.An experienced North Carolina dog attack attorney can help you understand the laws regarding these types of accidents.Contact the Goldsboro personal injury lawyers of Strickland Agner Pittmans today to schedule a free consultation on your case.The American pit bull terrier, better known as the pit bull, was first bred as a mix between bulldogs and terriers, with a focus on physical strength and agility.Although originally intended as a farm dog, the breed got its name from some owners’ tendency to use them for the violent sport of pit fighting.Dog owners have challenged these ordinances in court, and a few have been thrown out by judges. Supreme Court has refused to disturb two decisions of state supreme courts, upholding ordinances that regulate the ownership of pit bulls. The court stressed that a law passes constitutional muster if it gives dog owners , 113 Wash. When one breed is banned, people who want a macho dog just get a different breed. 11 (2001).) The report advocates a far more rigorous and broad-based approach to preventing dog bites, including community education and organization, better reporting, and spaying and neutering programs (about three-quarters of reported dog bites are by intact males).The clear trend, however, is to uphold laws that impose special restrictions on certain breeds or ban them outright. 2d 213 (1989).) The second argument is that it is arbitrary to ban one kind of dog, so the laws violate the owners' constitutional due process rights. For example, after some cities banned pit bulls, rottweilers increased in popularity. Pit bulls are the current villains of the dog world.

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