Pistol Pete Homework Basketball

Pete straddled two worlds, the old world of basketball as a pure sporting endeavour and the newer world of professionalism where basketball was not merely sport but also entertainment.

Pistol Pete attracted a huge following becoming the game’s first true superstar.

He led the NBA in scoring in 1977 with a personal high 31.1 ppg.

Maravich finished his career with the Utah Jazz and the Boston Celtics in 1980.

When we arrived, I saw people holding hands, plucking guitars and singing about Jesus. But I couldn't leave, so for the next three days I heard about Jesus Christ. When Bill Bright, Campus Crusades founder, gave a simple message about Christ and an invitation to know Him, hundreds of young people went forward. I'm going to get my ring, then I'll have time for God, I decided.

My friend, who was just like me, jumped out of his seat with tears in his eyes and gave his life to Christ. And I went back to LSU, averaged over 44 points a game, and in 1970 signed the largest contract in sports history.

In the process, "Pistol Pete" set numerous NCAA, SEC and school records and was named a three-time All-America.

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He made the All-NBA First Team in 1976 and '77 and the All-NBA Second Team in 1973 and '78.

I sat at a press conference with Howard Cosell and 42 microphones and said, I've arrived! Then I will be happy for the rest of my days on earth. But at the height of my popularity, I was miserable.

I took up karate then got into Hinduism and reincarnation. I took life-extending drugs from eastern Europe because I wanted to live to be 150. One minute he was enjoying playing basketball, telling a friend he felt great.

When I was seven years old, he sat me down and said, Pete, I'm making ninety-six dollars a week. But if you'll let me teach you basketball, you'll get a scholarship.

Maybe one day you'll play on the professional level as I did.

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