Picture Of Problem Solving Nsf Archaeology Dissertation

This has important implications for appropriate solution processes: the most important, complex problems society faces can only be solved through the combined wisdom of all the affected people.

The lower part of the diagram identifies some common solution approaches along the problem complexity continuum, and lays out some tools and methods in rough correlation.

” In a group or organization, where the consequences can be even greater, these concerns are often intensified, along with the complications of social dynamics.

This can ensure your peace of mind when you tackle a thorny problem or critical decision.

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To me, the most critical of the common themes is that as social complexity—the number and diversity of people involved—increases, problem complexity increases.

Even if you know how to solve it without a picture, you will greatly increase you chances of a if you don’t take the extra five seconds to draw a picture.

One important thing to remember, however, is that the picture does not need to be pretty. If you would like to discuss this strategy with your students and help encourage them to use it when appropriate, I’ve created a short set of problems to do just that!

Recognizing the various components of a problem or decision can be a helpful first step.

This diagram shows some common terminology of different aspects of problems and the problem solving process.

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