Picture Of Dorian Gray Aestheticism Essay Social Norms Essay

In both novels, the supporters are creative persons seeking for perfect beauty in their plants and lives and hovering between the Apollonian and Dionysian.Since Nietzsche points out that both the Apollonian and the Dionysian govern the human being, I will demo how these two forces compete in each character in their hunt for beauty.

In a society that prizes beauty so highly, youth and physical attractiveness become valuable commodities.

As Dorian evolves into the realization of a type, the perfect blend of scholar and socialite, he experiences the freedom to abandon his morals without censure.

Indeed, even though, as Basil warns, society’s elite question his name and reputation, Dorian is never ostracized.

The Victorians believed that art could be used as a tool for social education and moral enlightenment, as illustrated in works by writers such as Charles Dickens and George Gissing.

The aestheticism movement, of which Wilde was a major proponent, sought to free art from this responsibility.

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