Physical Effects Of Bullying Essay Paper To Write On The Computer

The bullying I was subjected to did not occur on the playground, but rather on the school bus.

I can vividly recall days when I would have to launch myself out of the school bus door and run as fast as I could up the hill to the shelter of my house.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), bullying affects 20% of high school students and cyberbullying affects 16% of high school students.

Surveys compiled by the CDC also show that 33% of students ages 12-18 who reported bullying at school and 27% of students ages 12-18 who reported cyberbullying indicated that they were bullied at least once or twice a month.

I don't think about it much these days, but I know that having lived through those experiences has shaped me as an adult, and not for the better.

The experience of getting your face smashed in by bullies (or taunted by them, or pushed, or shoved, or excluded, etc.

• Social isolation • Feelings of shame • Sleep disturbance • Changes in eating habits • Low self-esteem • School avoidance • Symptoms of anxiety • Bedwetting • Higher risk of illness • Psychosomatic symptoms (stomachaches, headaches, muscle aches, other physical complaints with no known medical cause) • Poor school performance • Symptoms of depression While it can be difficult to empathize with the bully, it’s essential that parents and school officials recognize that bullies engage in bullying behavior for a reason.Seemingly out of nowhere, he started talking about a time when he was a child and was rather viciously beaten up during an incident of playground bullying.The comment resonated with me, probably because like Bill, I too was bullied as a kid, and also found the experience to be pretty ugly.It is imperative that schools, families, and communities work together to understand bullying and its consequences and find ways to decrease, and hopefully eradicate, bullying both in schools and communities.Social Media and Depression: New Research Links the Problems, Especially in Teens My Child Was Diagnosed with Depression…Now What?With immediate and proper mental health treatment and support systems in place, victims can stave off some of the potential long-term consequences of bullying.Without intervention, however, kids are at risk for the following: • Chronic depression • Increased risk of suicidal thoughts, suicide plans, and suicide attempts • Anxiety disorders • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Poor general health • Self-destructive behavior, including self-harm • Substance abuse • Difficulty establishing trusting, reciprocal friendships and relationships Without proper treatment, bullying behavior is likely to continue into adulthood.) has got to be an almost universal sort of thing; something that many others who have endured similar experiences can perhaps recognize and respond to.In this spirit, I offer my self-disclosure (and hijack Bill's) as seed for discussion.Middle schools reported the highest rate of bullying (25%), at least once a week.Bullying can have negative short and long-term consequences for both the victim and the bully.

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