Photography Essays Susan Sontag

Having take hundreds of photographs in Southeast Asia, crying with camera on the evils of hunger and poverty, I agree.

My photographs of India, for example, and the intense suffering I witnessed, are some of the most lovely I have. To take a photograph, Sontag writes, "is to appropriate the thing photographed." This concept of getting-in-order-to-use-up is important in understanding photography's function.

Drawn from the online Smithsonian Photography Initiative, the book Photography Changes Everything edited by Heiferman explores photography’s impact on our culture and our lives.

She is remembered as an author of inquisitive, analytical, fearlessly outspoken essays, but also short stories which dealt with those ideas and preoccupations she couldn’t address in essay form.An American curator and writer, Marvin Heiferman has been focusing on the impact of photographic images on art, visual culture, and science for museums, art galleries, publishers and corporations.He has authored or edited over two dozen books about art, photography, visual culture, and cultural history.An English writer, Geoff Dyer is the author of four novels and seven books of non-fiction.In 2006, he was awarded the International Centre of Photography’s Infinity Award for writing on photography.Sontag's essays - meditations, really - are variations on the theme of photographic images and their ambiguous but potent force in the modern consciousness.Her book is precise and complete in tone and color, with shades of intelligence so numerous they create a picture.First published in 2005, The Ongoing Moment is a masterful meditation on photographs and an ingenious journey through the history of the medium, creating a whole narrative of intensely felt and observed moments.In this work, the author focuses on the ways in which some of the best photographers like Alfred Stieglitz, Paul Strand, Walker Evans, Andre Kertesz, Edward Weston, Dorothea Lange, Diane Arbus and William Eggleston have photographed the same things – barbershops, benches, hands, roads, signs – seeking to identify their signature styles.The books reveal that photography does more than record the world – it shapes and changes every aspect of our experience of it.In addition to around 300 images, this must read book features almost 100 engaging short texts commissioned from experts, writers, inventors, public figures and others—from Hugh Hefner to John Baldessari, John Waters, Robert Adams, Sandra Phillips and many others.

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