Philosophy Paper Introduction

If you cannot formulate your thesis this way, odds are you are not clear enough about it. At this point, students frequently make one or more of several common errors.

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I forget who it was that said that if an analytical philosopher wrote a murder mystery, the first sentence would be “In this novel I will demonstrate that the butler did it.” Philosophers value clarity, and the opening paragraph should give us signposts.That is because it is neither a research paper nor an exercise in literary self-expression.It is not a report of what various scholars have had to say on a particular topic.I offer first some general comments on philosophical writing, and then some specific "do"s and "don't"s.One of the first points to be clear about is that a philosophical essay is quite different from an essay in most other subjects.Like most important philosophical questions, this one has reached the stage at which its discussion is bound to proceed piecemeal, in terms of particular examples, arguments and counter-arguments.This article is intended as a contribution to one such controversy.need reference works in these areas) I recommend a few of the many helpful books available in the campus bookstore. Another good book, more general in scope, is William Zinsser's, On Writing Well. My favorite little book on good writing is The Elements of Style, by William Strunk and E. Both of these books have gone through several editions. Some final words should be added about proofreading. A rough idea is usually one that is not well worked out, not clearly expressed, and as a result, not likely to be understood.Whether you actually do it in your paper or not, you should be able to state in a short sentence precisely what you want to prove.

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