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Even if your advisor did not help enough, you had some funding right? Should not he be included in the acknowledgement section? Yes, but that's a different kind of acknowledgment: for instance, in many published papers that goes on a footnote appearing on the first page, whereas there may (or may not) be a paragraph in the introduction or at the end of the paper thanking various people.Moreover, a Ph D advisor is not a "funding entity" in this sense, and I have never heard of anyone being contractually obligated to thank their advisor. After reading advice that amounts to "Yes, you should absolutely write acknowledgments in a way that conveys a positive impression of your advisor.Helpful for her continued mentorship and collaboration, and for logging many miles between City A, City B and City C while on my committee. This dissertation would not have been possible without funding from the FUNDING AGENCIES. Pepper and the members of the Stack Overflow and Cross Validated communities for their invaluable assistance in many a late-night coding session.Visit Stack Exchange During the process of writing my Ph D thesis, I was close to falling out with my adviser, the advice I received from other staff at the lab (including the director) was unhelpful at best.Obviously I will thank my supervisor, committee members, other faculty and staff that have played a meaningful role in my education, other students who have been friends and co-workers, my close friends, and my family (in that order! Does anyone have advice or hot tips about what to do or not do that they'd be willing to share? (Yes, that can be hard, especially after so many years of writing as Impartial Professional Narrator.) Don't worry too much about writing it the right way. your acknowledgements will sound trite to the average reader, but you're not writing to the average reader; you're writing to your mentors, colleagues, friends, and family, who will value the sentiment far more than the specific words.Is it possible to make it meaningful without sounding contrived or pedantic or disingenuous? And don't forget to send a copy of your dissertation to each of the people you acknowledge, I'd like to add one more point to Jeff E's answer - though I have no idea how localized this is: Over here, the "I-did-the-work-myself" declaration contains a phrase that noone but those named in the acknowledgements did help with the work.

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(where forgetting someone would be impolite, but usually not have any further consequences), it is .For reference, this is mine, with identifying information removed: I would like to gratefully acknowledge the guidance, support and encouragement of my doctoral advisor, Dr.Chair, and the members of my committee during my time at University, as well as Dr. Answers My Questions at Nearby Institution for their enthusiasm and willingness to provide both data and clinical expertise, to Expert for references and advice about Topic and to my friends at University for many hours of mutual support, complaining and insightful discussions in the student room.And possibly the small number of people who will actually look at your dissertation cover to cover.Write it in your own voice, and write it the way you want to write it.Moreover, all the comments about the career risk one might incur for not including acknowledgments -- well, I must agree that omitting acknowledgments is a suboptimal career move, but such comments make me even more worried. My point is this: no, actually the OP certainly does have the right not to put acknowledgments in his thesis. No, probably not, but it is his choice and he may have good reasons for doing it.It seems to me that many people here are essentially viewing acknowledgments as a loyalty oath that one must make to one's thesis advisor. People stood on principle against loyalty oaths in the past, sometimes with cost to themselves. Four final comments: Ph D student who defended without at some point coming "close to falling out" with their advisor.Visit Stack Exchange I'm at the stage in writing my dissertation where most of the substantive aspects are finished and the only tasks left are more or less administrative.However, one thing that I've been avoiding is writing the "Acknowledgements" section.It never pays to permanently burn bridges, and striking your advisor from your thesis acknowledgements will certainly do just that.You stated that you have "made up" with your adviser.

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