Phd Thesis On Biogas Production

In terms of pretreatment energy consumption, more energy was generated with respect to the untreated scenario for the material harvested in autumn and winter.Biodiesel is considered as one of the potential liquid alternative fuels in many countries in the world.The de-oiled cakes of Karanja seed obtained from expeller units are of no use, and are disposed in the open.The disposal of such non edible oil cake in the open and land fill generates various anthropogenic gases, and may increase the global warming potential (GWP).Initially, biogas was produced from four different proportions of SCK mixed with cattle dung (CD) in small scale rectors, to study the different parameters effecting the biogas production.

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However, seaweeds are not yet fully exploited as a feedstock for biogas since some obstacles need to be overcome.

The organic matters contained in these de-oiled cakes can be converted to useful energy by adopting a proper waste-to-energy conversion process.

Hence, an attempt was made in this investigation to use the Karanja seed cake (SCK) as a potential feedstock for producing biogas by anaerobic digestion, and the produced biogas was proposed as an alternative fuel for CI engines.

A leaf protein concentrate suited as protein feed for monogastric animals is produced, while using a process that is in agreement with the organic production guidelines.

In laboratory trials, overall protein recoveries from 12% up to 42% of total plant proteins were achieved in the leaf protein concentrate.

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