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And in spite of Rouch's efforts to use film as a means to transform anthropology into a more collaborative and dialogic undertaking, many African filmmakers accused Rouch of having an imperialist vision of his African subjects.

Rouch was also criticized - and not only by Africans - for his aversion towards politics and for what some perceived as a tendency to avoid political controversy in his films.

In particular, I concentrate on how reconciliation influences and is influenced by 1) understandings of Canadian nationhood, 2) the ways in which visibility and invisibility are negotiated through truth commissions, and 3) the dialectical relationship between remembering and forgetting.Furthermore, in his drive to 'share' anthropology, Rouch sought to use his skills and resources to assist his African collaborators in their own ambitions to make films, either with him or independently.But as a French man working in West Africa both prior to and following French colonial rule, Rouch's practice evolved out of a historical moment fraught with complexities and ambiguities.By framing reconciliation as a way of seeing, I focus on the ways in which reconciliation is mediated through visual culture.This is a shape-based study of typography as a medium.Almost all human cultures engage in some form of ball play.Playing with balls and other kinds of bounding objects is a basic way that humans hone their spatiotemporal skills and learn what kinds of motion to expect from their own and other physical bodies.The Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission was established in June 2008, and focuses on the mistreatment and abuse of Aboriginal children in the Indian Residential School (IRS) system.The system, run by the government of Canada and the Presbyterian, Anglican, United and Catholic Churches, separated Aboriginal children from their families and placed them in the Indian Residential School system.In contrast, I maintain that it is shape that most notably set the typographical medium apart from handwriting, and also that that which is essential to typography is its visuality, not the linguistic function to which it is often put.The motivation for this project is epistemological.

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