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Details about schedules, coordinator and speakers can be found at the Events webpage.Students are also required to satisfy a minor field requirement.The Graduate Advisor is students’ primary source of information about program policies and procedures and is also the central administrator of program procedures. Students entering the doctoral program are required to have taken a three-course sequence in calculus, a course in linear algebra, and a course in mathematical statistics. Students with exceptional mathematics and statistics backgrounds may request exemptions from one or both of these courses.The Graduate Advisor performs these roles in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies, the Graduate Committee, and the Admissions and Aid Committee. Preparation for Doctoral Study Graduate work in economics demands mathematical sophistication of a higher order than the requirements of most U. These prerequisites are a bare minimum, and additional background in mathematics and in graduate-level economics courses can ease the transition into the program. Such requests should be sent to the Graduate Advisor for consideration by the course instructors and the DGS.Major changes in policy are made at the discretion of department faculty.The interpretation and implementation of most program policies, including the assignment of teaching assistantships, are the responsibility of the DGS.

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The material in these courses forms the basis for the Preliminary Examinations. Students failing to average a B grade need to retake the course(s) in which their grade fell below a B.

To satisfy this requirement, students must take four courses that serve either to broaden their knowledge base or to complement study in the major field.

Minor field courses can be in economics or in other fields.

4 Financial Support 4.1 Satisfactory Progress 4.2 Conditions under which support will typically be withheld 5. These aims are achieved through a program that combines coursework, examinations, seminars, and independent research, culminating in the completion and defense of a doctoral dissertation.

Grievances and Reporting Misconduct and Crime The goal of the Economics Ph. program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is to train economists: graduates of the program are prepared to undertake advanced research in economic theory, econometrics, and applied branches of economics, and to apply their knowledge and skills to a wide range of problems in a broad array of institutional settings.

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