Pharmaceutical Sales Business Plan Chicago Essays 2011

It should avoid any mix-up or cross contamination of raw materials or in process material.

Entry of visitors should be restricted to visitor area.

Different types of unit/s you can start with below procedure (Scope of This Project Report): Location and Surrounding: Plant should be situated at location and surrounding that prevents any contamination and mixing of any external substances.

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Both Rented and Owned premises has its own pro and cons. Rented premises may prevent start-up time and cost but rented premises should compile with Drug and Cosmetic Act & Rules.Essential Machineries and Equipments: Each section in pharmaceutical manufacturing unit require different type of machinery depend at dosage form in which medicine is required.Detailed list of machinery and equipments you can read at our article “requirement of machineries and analytical equipments for pharmaceutical Unit “ Man Power Requirement: Estimated Plant Cost: Total estimated plant cost depends at capacity of plant and area covered.Each section requires minimum area (as prescribed) for proper functioning and easy processing.If possible premises or building without partition is best for new starting. Need of architect or expert for setting-up premises depends at our experience level.Main purpose of Schedule M is to prevent any contamination and manufacturing of quality products.Area Required: Every section needs different space for setting-up manufacturing of that section as per Drug and Cosmetic Act & Rules.Adequate supply of water and electricity is essential for smooth running.Environment should be clean and free from air pollution.Men force factor should also consider while finalizing location for plant i.e.availability of trained or skilled man power, labour and industrial legislation and cost of living etc.

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