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I cannot give out the details of the other artists involved, or the director today..this will be my dream within a dream role as an actor.' On the film's scare tactics, Manson said, "I want to take the children's story that we all know, and discover the horrifying roots that grow beneath every one of its childish metaphors.

The characters may be absurd and wrapped in puzzles, but, the author himself is the story that I find painfully close to me.

This sets the scene and lets us know what is to come.

After the first kill the murders become more discreet.

Next the title sequence comes up and then the main characters are introduced.

The killer then appears when everyone has been introduced and it is usually night time, plotting another attack or on his way to fulfil it.

That month, Manson commented on this delay, stating that "It was meant to have been filmed earlier but Eat Me, Drink Me became something that was absolutely my first priority.

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Silva claimed his roles might have extended to direction and editing as well as screenwriting.

Sometimes the killer's are out for revenge or they are insane.

In ' The Fly' the main character Seth undergoes a genetic change and loses his mind, this makes the viewer feel sorry for him. Like ' Psycho' and ' Jaws' they start with a scene of a killing, usually the most brutal and graphic.

I'll try and restart it at the beginning of next year." Ireland and Portugal were considered for filming locations, Manson describing the latter as "a very powerfully magical, strange place.

It was my first choice for location to shoot my film Phantasmagoria." A number of actors, musicians and various personnel are noted or rumored to have been involved in the production.

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