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While Foucault accounts for urban containment during the industrial era, Jean Baudrillard is introduced to explain the spatial complex of the city.

Gone are the factories, replaced by shopping malls; where once production determined space and movement via coercive geometric arrangements, now consumption is the rule.

In opposition to both, Halley executes a structural analysis of the geometric, proposing that while “once” the geometric “provided a sign of stability, order, and proportion, today it offers an array of shifting signifiers and images of confinement and deterrence.”The geometric order of the city – from its apartment buildings to the grid plan – suggest carcerality, something that haunts Halley, ghosting into his painting subliminally.They were about the spiritual space of Abstract Expressionism being walled up, and also about the subdividing and blocking of space that I found characteristic of the urban environment..New wave thought – in all variants – undermines predominant cultural horizons. How can one break through the crust of avant-garde illusion? As his painting begins to push back at history, Halley’s project of expanding his art via socially minded theoretical writing commences.I began to become obsessed with the idea that all these natural things – air, light, noise or speech were being piped in.I began to think about conduits.(1981) features a thin black line that runs horizontally through a red ground before splitting and entering a white prison cell above.In “Beat, New Wave, Minimalism, and Robert Smithson” (1981), his first major published text, Halley continues to antagonize the key tenets of high modernism.By way of Post-Minimalist Robert Smithson, Halley advocates for an art that directly engages the everyday world (as opposed to claiming autonomy from it). artists must try to describe what they believe to be the nature of realityand not be seduced into creating escapist “dream worlds” (either pleasant or haunted).The artist Peter Fend becomes a friend, as does critic and essayist Jonathan Crary.Halley also begins to actively participate in a bi-weekly discussion group for artists and critics.Dwelling in cavernous downtown lofts, they made art that wasn’t meant to sell.(They talked about money all the time because they didn’t have any.) Immersion in this social milieu continues to register in Halley’s painting.

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