Peter Browning Continental White Cap Essay

He watched these soldiers from his house on a military base in Ohio.He knew the life of the soldier conceived of little excitement except for in the time of war.Either way, he knew that he neither wanted to inherit his father's life, though after time he prospered, or join the military.As a youngster, he also saw the difference in men and women in the workplace.Sanders claimed that, "As a boy, [he] also knew of another sort of [man], who did not sweat and break down like mules" (Sanders 515).He saw soldiers, who didn't work in the factories or the fields, as far as he could tell they didn't work at all.His work demonstrates troubles that lie between rich and poor, males and females.

The time period that this piece was written tells of issues dealing with the earlier part of the 20th century.

As Sanders say's, "…they were not the ones who failed" (Sanders 516). In Scott Russell Sanders’ essay, “The Men We Carry In Our Minds,” discusses about his personal perception of the conflict of gender equality that culminated in his mind after witnessing the harsh lives of his surrounding group of people.

This idea took a transition when he went to college. This essay deals with the problems that exist between sex and social class issues.

He considered he had made an alliance because of the circumstances that they had been through.

To his dismay, the females at college did not take him in as a friend, but perceived him as their enemy.

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