Persuasive Essay On Cell Phones Should Be Allowed In School Essay On Being Conservative

Instead of opting to ban or ignore them you can harness the power of cellphones.

And by getting your class to use them as part of their learning, you can turn this obstacle into a win for your students.

On the flip side, cellphones are being used to teach, making lessons more engaging and interactive.

Rather than banning them, some teachers are looking at ways of incorporating cell phones into their curriculum to provide a better learning environment.

Active learning can help combat the Pulpit Problem, where students have trouble absorbing concepts if they’re not actively building their own connections.

Cellphones have made the practice of active learning much more straightforward to manage. Classroom quizzes, discussions and other active learning ideas can all be executed on a mobile device.

“Positive uses of strategic redirection have a greater chance of successfully managing these devices than more heavy-handed techniques because they’re in sync with the digital attitudes of today’s students,” Shuter adds.

But it’s a losing battle to ban them as school policy.

Students don’t like to be separated from their cellphones.

Studies say that cellphones and other mobile devices can significantly enrich learning, so long as they’re mindfully added to the classroom.

(Such as through active learning, as described above.) Robert Shuter, founder of The Center for Intercultural New Media Research, explains.

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