Persuasive Essay On All Quiet On The Western Front

Joseph Behm was a student who had been hesitant to enlist.

But to prevent being ostracized, he eventually caved into pressure.

All Quiet On The Western Front In All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, a profoundly horrific image of war is formed in the eyes of the reader.

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As the book progresses, Paul's experiences of war has aged him well beyond his years.During All Quiet on the Western Front, the main character Paul who is only nineteen, is faced with the atrocities of war which take a toll on his humanity.The results of war possess the ability to destroy whatever humanity is left in a man.In the beginning, Paul's schoolmaster Kantorek idealistically describes the glories of war.It is Kantorek's rhetoric on the ideals of patriotism that lead Paul and his classmates to enlist in the war full of optimism, eagerness, and a strong sense of nationalism.In a letter written to his classmates, he calls them "Iron Youth," implying that they are hard, strong, and resilient.However, Kantorek fails to consider the horrors Paul and his classmates experience and the constant state of anxiety and fear they endure.Paul speaks of how he had once held a passion for poetry, but the war has stolen that from him.Remarque compares the young soldiers' lives to adults by writing, "[t]hey have wives, children, occupations, and interests, they have a background which is so strong that the war cannot obliterate it.In a critical response to All Quiet, Modris Eksteins says ok this papaer is about a theme in all quiet ont eh western front on how war changes a man and using examples of Paul(the main charecter) is changed by war from a young 18 yr old school boy full of life hopes n junk like that and in less than a year after fighting onthe fronti mixed a couple themes somewhere inthe middle of the paper your going to use this one i suggest that you read through it real quick and maybe take out a couple parts "All Quiet on the Western Front" Essay "All Quiet on the Western Front" was a movie about the war between the French and the Germans told in first person by Paul Baumer, a nineteen year old student.Paul was convinced to enlist with the German army by his schoolmaster, Kantorek.

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