Persuasive Essay Antigone

Vous n'avez que ce mot-là à la bouche, tous, depuis que je suis toute petite.

Il fallait comprendre qu'on ne peut pas toucher à l'eau, à la belle eau fuyante et froide parce que cela mouille les dalles, à la terre parce que cela tache les robes.

Hubris is a Greek term for insolence and is referred to the emotions in Greek tragic heroes and ignores the gods and thus invite catastrophe.

Catastrophe is all Creon got as the novel progressed into the climax.

In feminist theory and gender studies, gender essentialism refers to the attribution of a fixed essence to women.

As feminist theorist Elizabeth Grosz explains, essentialism "entails the belief that those characteristics defined as women's essence are shared in common by all women at all times.

His choices and decisions end up deciding the fates of his son, wife, and Antigone.

In the novel "Antigone" Sophocles, the author, depicts the tragic hero Creon to the fullest extent.His stubbornness is seen here in this quote, "Go join them, then: if you must have your love, find it in hell! As seen in the quote, even after Antigone clearly makes sense in what she was doing, and the prophet also agrees with her, Creon turns to the ...A man who possesses confidence dignity and the ability to grasp audiences with the utilization of powerful literary devices best carries out persuasion.Sophocles portrays Creon as a tragic hero by the characteristics shown throughout the story.Creon is a character that is easy to relate to in a number of ways.He has put his own pride over the fact of appreciating the gods.The character Creon may not be seen as a tragic hero because of his tasteless acts, but he contains the traits eligible to be the tragic hero in "Antigone." As seen in the novel, Creon exhibits habits seen in today's life, even though Sophocles wrote this novel a long time ago.Even the Chorus of Theban elders, assumed to hold a neutral perspective so as to advise Creon on matters of society, consists entirely of old Theban men, excluding female perspectives from the political arena.The starkly separate realms into which relegates men and women prompt a reading of the play through the lens of gender essentialism.First, he contains many flaws which in result causes many problems.This is seen in the decision he made of becoming hubris.

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