Persuasive Essay 12 Angry Men

This goes to prove that most individuals would not want to stay away and be different from the rest of the group and would always like to remain in the group and very rarely would one individual like the juror #8 who would stand up against his group and stand for what he believes.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience.

This is affirmed when he says: “I think I know him better than anyone here.

Early on in the film Fonda shows the first quality of leadership vision.

Vision can be defined as the leaders ability to know what is needed and how what is needed can be achieved (book)....

Moreover, the 5th juror’s experience in a slum makes him doubtful of the guiltiness of the boy.

His upbringing in a slum assisted him in reasoning with the other jurors’ of the innocence of the defendant.

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