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In their article, Jupp and Education (2009) feel strongly that teacher effectiveness cannot be looked at based on one point in time; instead students learning should be evaluated from the beginning of a school year to the end looking at what students knew before they started and what they know leaving. Teacher as leadership: The highly effective teachers guide to closing the achievement gap.

In Steven Farr’s (2010) book, Teacher as Leadership: the Highly Effective Teachers Guide to Closing the Achievement Gap, effective teachers are defined by looking at six characteristics or skills. ...n we discuss and aspire for teacher effectiveness the progress of our students is always where we look first, so it is our responsibility to make sure we provide that chance for everyone.

Allow yourself to be enthusiastic and find ways to let students see what is interesting about your subject. If students are required to attend lectures and read assignments, then it seems reasonable that you would do the same.

Most faculty expect graduate TAs to attend lectures, especially if they have never taken or taught the course.

They are able to adjust their teaching strategies to fit both the students and the material, recognizing that different students learn in different ways.

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It is an amazing feeling when you complete a good deed and have the respect of younger people and a few older; I felt this when I taught, and whenever I had to teach a class I would never be filled with dread of a sense of not wanting to go and “waste” my time as my friends put it, on little children no I never saw it that way. Everyone is equality important in my mind, and though I was raised the way I was I have tried to battle myself every single step of the way and it seems to have worked for me. So the problem is clear everyone just assumes people who are different from them are bad, and to make a change we must start when they are young. Everyone knows that when it comes to making a difference in a student’s academic and life achievements, their teachers play a large role. A teacher’s way of relating to their students, and teaching them to achieve both socially and academically contributes to how effective teachers are. Overall there seems to be an emphasis that teacher effectiveness is related to how well their students are doing based on standardized testing. Review key concepts and ideas if you are unclear about them, particularly if it has been a while since you have worked with the topics you will be teaching.Think about how the material can be most effectively demonstrated and design a strategy. Your job is to illustrate key points and essential context, to help students integrate all of their work (reading, labs, exams, papers, lectures, etc.) for the course.The reason I would like to be a part of this process is because I look around, and I myself see kids disrespecting their elders like it is no big deal, and I hope to help them.The career I am considering would be elementary school teacher, and the reasons behind this would be qualities of a teacher, helping the future of America, and promote academic diversity.Many first-time TAs are confused by the new authority of being a teaching assistant, and mistake intimidation for respect.Think of your students as teammates, not adversaries.Teacher Effectiveness: Qualities and Skills of an Effective Teacher Teacher effectiveness can be defined differently depending on how it is viewed. Jupp and Education (2009) define effectiveness as “the practical outputs of teachers”. Getting teacher assessment right: What policymakers can learn from research.

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