Personal Letterhead For Cover Letter

I realize that this is different for private companies, where "company" letterhead implies official communication on behalf of the "company." But in academia, the letterhead is an indicator that you are recognized as a member of a scholarly community and you have the rights, privileges, and responsibilities associated with your academic appointment.

In academia, it does NOT mean you are conducting official institutional business.

So keep the official business separate from your private.

As alluded to this also applies to e-mail, something most people forget about.

Official institutional business will have "Office of the Chancelor" in the letterhead or "Office of XYZ Department Chair." If the chancellor or department chair were to apply for jobs, they would probably still use institutional letterhead but not have this "Office of the __" line in the letterhead.

Using your institutional letterhead is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL when applying for academic jobs. Everyone knows that you are not speaking on behalf of the institute, the letterhead is an indication of your membership in that scholarly community.

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We've gathered some examples in this article, but you can also try searching for "cover letter design" on Pinterest for inspiration. You can buy letterhead templates made for Word from Etsy.

I fully understand the notion of not writing on letterhead except in an official capacity, but consider the tradition of using a hotel's letterhead when staying with them as a guest.

I appreciate this is perhaps almost akin to sending a picture postcard (and an advertising opportunity for the hotel), yet this is not a matter of the hotel's business activity.

It’s always good to at least indicate your city and state on a letterhead because it gives the reader a better sense of where you are, triggering an immediate connection with you.

If you are applying for a job, hiring managers often want to see where you live to get a better sense of where you’re going to be commuting from.

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