Personal Financial Statement Software

If you’re looking for a more streamlined experience, we recommend checking out Quicken.

is made by Intuit, the same parent company as Mint.

Instead, every dollar is put toward a specific purpose, which is what YNAB means by its first rule: “Give every dollar a job.” YNAB had us import each account separately, as opposed to pulling everything at once as Mint did.

This took a little longer, but it made us think critically about how we wanted to prioritize our finances.

We did notice that Mint isn’t as smart about labeling budgets as it is with transactions (it slotted a bus pass into “Education,” for example), but after a little tinkering, it’s great for automatically tracking your spending.It asks you to allocate all of your income: First, cover your immediate expenses; then, once those are taken care of, money goes towards next month’s expenses and savings goals.There’s no discretionary cash left sitting around — which means you won’t be tempted to spend it frivolously.It uses a downloadable desktop app rather than a browser-based one, which has some perks.For instance, you can build out a calendar to track budgets, bills, and savings over time.Quicken does have a comprehensive Support section on its site to help you troubleshoot, and the software is intuitive enough that you may not have many questions if you have experience with money management.But we were still disappointed by its weak live support.We love that Mint is a free personal finance app — but that does mean putting up with banner ads.They’re not overwhelming, but you will have to scroll through some full-screen credit card and loan offers.We recommend this home budget software for people who are familiar with managing their finances and won’t need any hand-holding.Unlike Mint, which offers suggestion boxes — plain-English translations of what you should enter — Quicken expects you to be well-versed enough in finances to know where to find account numbers and the tools to run reports.

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