Personal And Impersonal Essay

They governed how our ancestors dealt with problems from coping with natural disasters and cataclysmic events to dividing up resources among people.In primitive societies, for example, the amount of food or goods was fixed by what had been gotten in hunting and gathering, so distribution was based on fairness and equity.If we limited ourselves to interactions and exchanges only on a personal basis, we would be in groups of a few dozens.Rather than dozens, however, impersonal exchange brings together literally millions of people to produce the multitudes of goods and services we use.These rules shaped how our ancestors related to one another, which was often in a hierarchal fashion, like a family.The second life we live is when we go out and interact with the vast multitudes of people who aren’t in that tight-knit circle of friends and family.

Transactions and interactions we make with people in the marketplace, whether the grocery story, the pharmacy, bookstore, hairdresser, etc. But this life isn’t just about buying and selling, it’s about how to get along with people we don’t personally know, and that’s most people.They support polite, but perhaps not cordial, relations among people, as well as a respect for each person pursuing his own interests.These rules make possible the huge, complex nexus of marketplace interactions.Some of those friends may be co-workers, neighbors, or schoolmates from years ago.Close relationships are usually those that people value the most and clearly have the strongest emotional attachment.They are a legacy of our evolution, common patterns of behavior and ways of thinking that were developed by our ancestors and passed on to us.These rules, about surviving in a close-knit group, helped mankind survive in the small bands of our distant ancestors. When I say that we all live two lives, I’m talking about the two different spheres of relationships we cope with daily. Just getting by in the modern world requires all of us to do it.Becoming involved in someone’s inner circle comes with the obligation to live up to the standards of trust and reliance that being so close to another person requires.Consequently, these relationships are some of the most demanding, but are also some of the most emotionally and personally rewarding.

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