Performance Management Case Studies With Solutions Printable Homework Assignment Sheets

The Jelly Belly Candy Company makes Jelly Belly brand jelly beans in over 50 flavors, as well as candy corn and other treats. Like almost every smart company, Jelly Belly recognizes that employees are more likely to stay with their employer when they feel connected and recognized for their efforts.Programs for managing and evaluating employee performance are critical to aligning corporate and employee values and priorities.Employees could view what was expected of them and could track their progress on a weekly basis.The system automatically reminded them to capture achievements.The leadership could align employees to a common set of goals, set clear expectations, track progress in real time and take remedial action.

One branch was using an outdated performance management software program.

Our team first helped identify and setup 5 key goals that mapped to the organizations vision.

The goal setting process was initiated next and each employee had a goal sheet with these goals pre-initialized in their goal sheet.

Solution: Peridot Solutions has conducted multiple workshops with various stakeholders to define the strategic, operational, program and system metrics, their thresholds, formulas to measure, and governance to ensure data accuracy and reporting to the management.

This enabled the executive management and functional sponsors to link the program performance to the business mission and goals in clear and quantifiable terms.

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