Peer Editing Definition Essay Steps Of A Research Paper

", and "Has the writer linked ideas where necessary?State where links might be inserted." Second, they recommend establishing a basic formula to use whenever students respond to each other's papers.

means "This puzzled me" (check mark) means "Check for an error." Peer reviewers can use the symbols for individual words and sentences or put brackets around paragraphs or more extensive text with the symbol in the margin.

After that students move into guided peer review of each other's essays and finally end up becoming members of autonomous and flexible groups which can function during all stages of the process with limited teacher monitoring.

Scarborough (2001) emphasizes that during this kind of community building it is particularly important for content area teachers to engage students in collaboration that is tied to the content of the class and not just "touchy-feely" activities in order to maximize their value.

Simply designating a day for either peer editing and giving each student a red pen and free range to check his or her best friend’s paper is not enough.

Peer editing with mentor sentences is a great way to not only teach students how to write correct and effective thesis statements and topic sentences, but it also guides students in the because they are looking for and correcting or complementing specific aspects of the essay.

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