Peer Edit Essay

At this stage, keep your pen prepared for remarks and maybe some questions you have to the writer, note some drawbacks you have noticed and also highlight the strong parts of the paper.Here its also essential to keep it in mind that grammar is not all, if the paper has grammar issues, but also lacks a strong statement, the later problem has priority.It's important to note positive as well as negative.When you underline certain positive aspects of your fellow student's work, you make him more acceptive and positive to your criticism.Sometimes educators use this method in their classes on purpose, then it may become a trial for their students.

Let's study some hints and tips below to make the process helpful and stress-free for both parties.

Here is a hack to you - to find the errors, which you may have missed, read your work aloud sentence by sentence backward.

This strategy will help you eliminate surface-level mistakes and save the time of your editor.

You should become an intended reader here and focus on the content, organization, and style.

Nevertheless, grammar mistakes, awkward phrases, spelling mistakes, and typos should not be neglected as well.

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