Patriotic Spirit Essay

• The international festivals enhance brotherhood as well as to eliminate ethnic racism in the world.

• They also help to create an environment of cultural harmony.

Here is why celebrating festivals is important : • We celebrate festivals mainly to propagate the cultural heritage of nations.

• Across the globe the festivals bring convergence.

Sacrificing your life in the name of patriotism is a great honor.

Some patriotic songs are also written by Subramanya Bharati in Tamil language.

It also provides us with a chance to know better about our culture and each other.

• At the national level, the festivals help to promote patriotic spirit and solidarity in the society. • Festivals depict the many different aspects of a society.

It is said that even if a mother loose her love towards her child a child should not lose his/ her honor towards her.

Likewise we must respect our country no matter what the circumstances are.

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