Patch Antenna Research Papers

Many techniques have been proposed to design microstrip patch antennas with multiband characteristics.

In the proposed antenna design, a combination of dual U-slot and multiple layers is used to get multiple bands and wide bandwidth.

Multiband antennas (Lee, Luk, Mak, & Yang, 2011) can cover multiple wireless technologies; however, in microstrip patch antennas, the U-slot was mainly used for bandwidth enhancement rather than introducing a band notch and it has been shown that the U-slot technique can be used to design patch antennas with dual and multi-band characteristics.

The studies reported (Lee, Steven Yang, Kishk, & Luk, 2010; Singh, Ali, Singh, & Ayub, 2013) on U-slot patch antenna showed that, it can be intended not only for wideband applications, but also for multiband (dual and triple-band) applications.

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Design of multilayer stacked patch antennas provides bandwidths for broadband applications (Hoorfar, 1992).A novel shape penta-band microstrip patch antenna is presented in this paper.The proposed antenna shows five operating frequencies and can be used for various wireless applications, i.e.To design coaxial probe feed rectangular patch antennas, there are some essential parameters to be considered.Firstly, the resonant frequency () and loss tangent equal to 0.002.To overcome this problem, a multiple layer dielectric substrate has been used to improve the bandwidth (Rao & Kumar, 2011).The multi layer structure not only offers the enhanced impedance bandwidth but also possesses the same characteristics over desired frequency band (Kushwah, Dubey, & Singhal, 2006).Many works had reported on the design of low-profile multiband antennas.In this paper design of triple-layer double U-slot patch antenna is proposed to get multiple bands and wide bandwidth.It is even more complex to integrate multiple bands for wireless technologies (Vedaprabhu & Vinoy, 2010) such as AWS (Advanced Wireless Services), GSM (Global System for Mobile) and various Wi MAX and WLAN bands operating at several frequency ranges.Design of multi-band microstrip patch antennas even with narrow bandwidths is challenging.

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