Parthenon Essay Thesis Theory Of Knowledge Essay Questions 2011

The building is.....that world, revealed a great symbol of the dominion of Rome in one poignant visual experience” (Mac Donald 88).

The third and last element of the Pantheon’s design is the rectangular block of concrete, which links the porch with the domed cylinder (Du Temple22).

The Acropolis hill is sometimes called the “sacred rock” of Athens and is seen as holding the most important sites of the city and secrets of the ancient Greek culture.

This sacred rock is the beginning of some of the architectural masterpieces of Greek history and culture.

Athens most significant and prosperous time in history was the 5th century BC under the reign of Pericles.

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Athens began as a great limestone rock, a holy or sacred place rising to the Attica plateau.

The Parthenon was built between 447 BC and 438 BC by the ancient Greeks whereas the pantheon was built by the Romans between 118 and 128 CE.

Thus because of this, we are able to see the influence of the Greeks on the roman art through comparing the two structures.

Considered a temple, the Parthenon was built according to the Doric order of architecture, the simplest of classical Greek architectural styles.

It represented simplicity along with power; built to precise dimensions using mathematical ratios of sacred geometry.

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