Parent Statement For Private School Essay

“It’s kind of scary, because applications are given out only to the first 30 or so people who get through on the phone," she says."Many schools have since adjusted that policy, with some offering applications by lottery and others making applications available online prior to Labor Day." Step 4.  Parents should expect to spend more time on certain schools’ applications.In that market, according to Shapiro, the preschool application timeline should look something like this.And do read on, because below she offers tips for every parent on how to know if a school is a good fit for your child.“Free-standing nursery schools generally have very simple applications,” Shapiro says.“They’ll ask for your basic information, and then there might be a small space to add whether there’s any particular information they should know about your child or how you heard about the school and why you’re interested.RELATED:  The Most Surprising Childhood Expense at Every Age Step 3.  Applications are due the fall before enrollment.

The  Independent Schools Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY), which many top independent schools in Manhattan belong to, sets a date on which the schools agree to send out their responses, then gives parents 10 days to return the contract.

“The most important thing to mention in application essays is real specifics about what you like about the school and why you think it's a good match for your family and your child," Shapiro says.

"The school needs to know you are really on board with its mission and share the core beliefs about children and how they learn." RELATED:  Bringing Up Bebé: Do French Moms Know the Secret to Better-Behaved Kids? If you believe that, first of all, you have a really unnecessary escalated anxiety around the preschool thing." RELATED:  How Can Expensive Daycare Save Us Money?

(While schools don't publicize their acceptance rates, "in some select schools, it can be as few as 5% of the number of families requesting applications," Shapiro says.

"In other schools—many of them very good, just not as well-known and prestigious—it may be 50%.") Part of her job is managing some crazy expectations about the admissions process.

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