Paragraphs And Essays Prof. Manzoor Mirza Basic Outline Of A Five Paragraph Essay

In this sense the library becomes an adventure.” - Umberto Eco An essay by Umberto Eco titled "Di Bibliotheca" (The Library) which was read at a conference held in March 1981 on the 25th Anniversary of Bibliotheca Comunale in Milano at Palazzo Sormani.

It was subsequently published in Quaderni di Palazzo Sormani in 1981 Cyra Ali, Onaiz Taji, Samya Arif and Sara Khan will be exhibiting in the first show. The exhibition is curated by Malika Abbas with Amna Naqvi serving as a curatorial advisor.

These series of portraits consist of older men in their relative field of expertise which is their playground.

I have photographed them intentionally on the 6 x 6 square format on film.

Microcosm 2 has brought insight into how this generation of artists experiencing and reinterpreting their attitude, identity, environment, tastes, sexualities and political learning through their artwork.

This exhibition offers a rich, intricate, multidisciplinary exploration of the work in a variety of media-ranging from drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, illustration, photography, video and few surprising mix.

Saba Khan, Wardha Shabbir, Mehreen Zuberi and Mohsin Shafi will be exhibiting in the first show.

‘Conversation with cold white surfaces’ was the first experience Aisha had when it came to Art Making.

Starting from the blank white pages of a diary which is a symbol of keeping a day to day record of one’s pains and pleasures to the claustrophobic images filled with unreadable text spreading like a contagious virus.

All the artists in the exhibition are social practitioners, photographers and/or filmmakers and their work unfolds to the viewer over time in different ways. Born in 1966, Roohi Ahmed graduated from the Karachi School of Art in 1992 and has largely worked and taught in Karachi, apart from brief sojourns in Australia from where she received her MFA at University of New South Wales in 2013 and multiple residencies in Bangladesh, Germany, UK and USA.

Artists featured in this exhibition include Aisha Abid Hussain, Ali Sultan, Iqra Tanveer, Jovita Alvares, Malika Abbas, Numair Abbasi, Nurjahan Akhlaq, Veera Rustomji. In the 1990’s, Ahmed became influenced by other emerging practitioners who were engaging with the city and was involved as an early team member at VASL helping build it during its nascent stages in the late 1990’s.

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